Islam is Peace

can we agree that the islam and the muslims are not the source of terrorism , we can not deny the historical facts that the islam is the most commun religion in the world , so we can not accuse every muslim of bieng a terrorist .

ofcourse no doubt that there is a minority of people who take a verse of the holy Quran and misunderstand it , then start bombing them selves or killing in the name of islam , however if you read the holy Quran you will notice that Allah is defined by compassion and mercy ,yes there is verses in the holy Quran that call fo military action and jihad but we must not take those verses and misunderstand them , or accuse all muslims because of the actions that those  minority of muslims do  based on misunderstood verses  .



nowadays we are living the most developed and advanced generation , this generation we live in is considered advanced because of the technology that conquered our lives . if we asked our selves why do you consider this world more advanced the first thing will come across our mind is the social media ( facebook , intagram , twitter…) , we can not consider those social media apps an improvement more than we can  consider it as a distraction , how many hours we spend looking through our smartphones and our computers , maybe 20h/24h . yes it is true we don’t get enough sleep we don’t read anough , we don’t think how to improve and bring a new ideas so we can make our lives more easier and simplier .

you think this man is a hater toward social media  , why would i be i use those social media too but i am not addicted to them i prefer to invest my time in what can be useful to me , read book , surf the net for things that matter , learn about history , i make time to feed my brain not to damage it .


you must addmit that deep down you agree with me , because i didn’t came with this fromno where we are living it my friends , my familly every body is living it .

my advice is to take advantege of the time you waste in these social media , live your live , learn more , because one day we will be in our last days regreting not learning .

our timeis limited don’t waste it